A trailer song for the Teatro Buffo in Rome

    Cari tutti, sono felicissima di invitarvi Domenica 9 dicembre a Si mangia con le mani-Appunti sulla sessualità. Presenterò il mio cortometraggio dietro le quinte di Teatro Buffo…L'evento inizia alle 17 al Caffè Letterario di Roma in via Ostiense. Teatro Buffo incontrerà il pubblico per presentare il suo prossimo spettacolo e lanciare la campagna di crowdfunding ad esso associata.Sarò affiancata dal mio piccolo grande sostegno di Motimmagine: Teresa Farella, anche regista di Teatro Buffo.E Suzana Zlatkovic, coordinatrice del progetto.Qui il teaser del corto… Un grazie immenso a Joe Schievano e Soundrivemotion per la musica, assieme alla voce di Maria Roveran.E ovviamente a tutti i Buffi che sono meravigliosi in ogni situazione. Insomma….vi aspetto, tanti tantissimi!

    Pubblicato da Jessica JJ Tosi su Giovedì 6 dicembre 2018

    Trailer of the coming soon short “Teatro Buffo”, presented in Rome at the Literary Café for Motimmagine.

    Directed by Jessica Tosi, music by Joe Schievano and with the voice of the actress and performer Maria Roveran.

    Music and sounds for Poetry in Meat and Bones

      A couple of days from the opening of Imago Mundi – Poetic Boom Boom Gallery of the Prisons of Treviso here is the trailer of “Poetry in Meat and Bones” the new documentary of Fabrica – Imago Mundi, with the performance of the 3 poets that accompany the visitor through the artistic world of the exposed collection, with the soundtrack of Joe Schievano.

      Imago Mundi is the collection created over the years by Luciano Benetton with the works of emerging artists whose only common feature is the postcard format: 12 centimeters by 10 centimeters which become microworlds where the soul of the peoples is mirrored and the emotion of multiculturalism is captured.

      “Poetic Boom Boom” – this is the title of the exhibition – focuses on historical movements related to visual poetry: a hybrid of art and communication that began as part of the European Neo-avant-garde movement in the 1950s. A word becomes an art object, and – consequently – poetry can be seen and heard

      Marco Pavan, in the film Poetry in Meat and Bones, captures the performances of Julien Blaine, Giovanni Fontana and Sarenco: art, its liberating power and its ability to subvert the tradition by going beyond the limits imposed by conventions. In the documentary the three artists tell their relationship with visual poetry, from the early 60s, through trespassing in sound poetry and performance, to reaffirm that the “world will be saved by the presence of culture and artists, and there is no other possibility”

      The soundtrack of Joe Schievano , mixed by Soundrivemotion that accompanies the exhibition of the three great, and a direction that knows how to understand the body in all its expressiveness , with the twists, tensions, expressions of the face and the flash of the eyes, is a tribute to the rhythms of the world: if Imago Mundi tells an imaginary and poetic geography, the composition that accompanies it has the rhythm and the heartbeat of the world, in order not to overwhelm the full and round sense of the poetic word.

      Produced by Fabrica-Imago Mundi 
      directed da Marco Pavan, 
      Original soundtrack by Joe Schievano. 
      Mix Audio Soundrivemotion

      New songs in the air with Maria Roveran and Joe Schievano

        The actress Maria Roveran, co starred with Margherita Buy in “These Days” film by Giuseppe Piccioni, along with Joe Schievano, composer and musician and founder of Soundrivemotion, are about to release an album of new songs with lyrics written entirely by ‘actress. After the experience of “To the Origins Deep Wrinkle Deep” album presented to coincide with the release of the film “Piccola Patria”, directed by Alessandro Rossetto and starring Maria, this work will be presented in live performances during the presentation of new films coming soon, played by Maria.

        Stay Tuned!

        Maria Roveran FB page