“Here my music, instrumental, is a soundtrack that wants to accompany the scenes of life, the moments that, like images, flow on the inner screen of the people who listen, who love, who react, who dream, who live.
You are the movie. This is the music. “

The album You are the movie, this is the music, released on July 20 on all digital platforms, written and produced by Joe Schievano for Soundrivemotion, is the sixth recording work of the artist, sound designer and music composer for film and television.

After the success of Epìtome (2021) Schievano returns to producing music for films with an album of distinct harmonic fluidity, in which different but effectively coexisting sounds overlap. The album consists of 10 songs crossed by the same sonic complexity, in which the artist’s ability to skilfully bring together sounds, music and voices emerges.

The album renews the fruitful collaboration – already started by Schievano with the foundation of the artistic group of Tàdan (2020) and with the EP Epìtome (2021) – with the singer-songwriter and actress Maria Roveran.

“Each of us is his own movie.
You are the movie.

You are the sublime director of your life and perhaps in part also the author of the story and the screenwriter.

The music of the film is not only indispensable but often involuntary.

Who doesn’t have songs that have been the soundtrack of important events or entire periods?

In You are the movie, this is the music, Roveran is the “ideal siren” of the song Oceanic suite, to which she offers a precious and enveloping vocal contribution.

This use of the voice as one of the sounds of reality is tangible throughout the album, in the choice of a realistic sound design: the sound of the world (environments, voices, noise of objects) that integrates and spontaneously becomes music in music, allowing the author to reveal the perfect interplay between music, sound and voice.

Schievano has always investigated the union between image and music, also drawing on classical and complex sounds and in You are the movie, this is the music Bach’s echo is clear in the temporary blurring of the piano by Kanako Shirakawa, composer, organist and pianist Japanese originating from Kobe, whose evocative pattern accompanies Where the wind dies, second track of Schievano’s album, in “an imaginary place, like the one where the wind goes to calm down” (J. Schievano).

Among the other interventions in the structuring of the work, we mention the cello by Laura Balbinot, the mixing by Alberto Gaffuri (My face on the mirror) and Raffaele Rossi and Francesco Donadel Campbell of R-MasterLab, precious pieces that contribute to creating the variegated mosaic by Schievano, which evokes, focuses, underlines, contextualizes, envelops.