Theater in covid times, sounds for a radio drama recorded on Zoom ..
A wonderful musical experience this theatrical opera by Strindberg in the form of radio play, recorded with the means of “luck” of videoconferencing on the web, in times of lockdown.
The sound quality reminiscent of the old AM radios and the interpretative, cathartic and high level of the Bresci Theater.
An invitation to everyone to listen and be kidnapped by this drama, rendered in radio form.

La Signorina Julie by August Strindberg

▪️With Anna Tringali (Julie), Giacomo Rossetto (Jean), Eleonora Marchiori (Kristin)
▪️Scene notes of Eleonora Marchiori
▪️theatrical direction by Giorgio Sangati
▪️Original score music by Joe Schievano
▪️Audio mix by Soundrivemotion
▪️Production by Teatro Bresci