The Magic mountain, Acteon (Spain) e Jolefilm Italy production

Joe Schievano, who worked with the director, the musical concept of the project, creates and produces the full soundtrack of the new film by the Spanish director Claudio Zulian, produced by Acteon and Jolefilm.

Joe Schievano and Claudio Zulian

Directed by Claudio Zulian, it is a film that interprets our time not only for the stories it tells but also in its own cinematographic material. Shot by the protagonists themselves, it brings out images that conventional shooting would never have produced. For the director, it’s a new hybrid, intimate and collaborative way of creating. Although made during confinement, it is neither a lockdown nor a pandemic film. The title alludes to the approach which, as in T. Mann’s book, is sensitive to the symbolic dimension of situations and places.

Many musical moods

An all-round, organic musical work that explores multiple dimensions and genres, from the composition of pieces inspired by the classical world, such as Carl Philippe Bach, to the minimalism of Adams and Philip Glass (in a piece written by the director himself). But there are also electronic movements inspired by Alva Noto and Yashimura, up to Terry Riley’s contemporary classic quartet.

Musical concept: Joe Schievano e Claudio Zulian

Original music by Joe Schievano

Orchestral Arranger: Denis Feletto

Musical performers:

Violin: Nicola Fregonese, Luca Mares, Sabina Bakholdina

Cello: Antonino Puliafito, Alessandra Boldrin

Viola: Francesca Levorato

Harp: Nicola Vendramin

Piano: Denis Feletto

The orchestral tunes are recorded in IMPUT STUDIO Treviso